We focus on high capacity processing, maximizing production and minimizing processing costs.


Receiving Pre-Cleaning

The Grossi Fabrication almond receiving and pre-cleaning systems are designed for maximum capacity, moving 1-3 truckloads of product per hour, depending upon your needs. The systems include:

• Receiving pits with auger or vibratory feed
• High-capacity bucket elevators
• Web and vibratory de-stickers
• Destoners
• Rock and stick conveyors
• Pre-hullers
• Bag houses with dust control

Almond Drying

Gross Fabrication engineers complete drying systems designed to reduce moisture content as efficiently as possible, thus optimizing the shippable weight of the product. The drying systems also bring in recirculated air at just the right stage of the process that can lead to significant fuel savings. Our systems consider and customize all the factors in a drying system including:

  • Moisture data collection/pneumatic air doors on dryer bins with fan shut off
  • Pneumatic activated doors system on conveyor bin filling system
  • Full access catwalks for maintenance
  • Full auto recirculation dryer system with auto regulate fresh air doors
  • Fan and burner with controls

Almond Hulling and Shelling

Efficiently removing the maximum amount of hulls as early in the process as possible is the key to fast and efficient processing of both shelled and in-shell almonds.

Grossi systems are engineered to excel in the almond hulling and shelling process. Our systems include:

• Pre-hullers
• Scalping decks
• Aspirators
• Hard-roll crackers
• Custom-designed 20-inch-diameter shear roll that outlasts competitors’ rolls 2-to-1 or more, reducing your costs and downtime

Almond In-Shell

In-shell processing systems include belt conveyors, scalping decks, bucket and Z-style elevators and electronic sorting.

Electronic Sorting

We utilize the most advanced electronic sorting systems in our designs to minimize handling and damage to the product. Sorting processing include:

• Vibratory conveyance systems
• Stainless steel contact points
• and Dust control systems


We incorporate ActionPac scale systems designed to each customers’ system to maximum packaging efficiency.

Hand Sorting

Grossi hand-sorting tables are made with quick-release endless belts for minimal cleaning and easy in addition, we produce and include vibratory conveyance and negative air systems for meal and shell removal.

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