Through the adapted use of Ag-Web belts from the tomato processing industry, Grossi Fabrication systems pre-clean walnuts ten times more efficiently than traditional drum pre-cleaning systems and includes de-stickers and negative air aspiration.

During the pre-cleaning process, Grossi Fabrication has developed a special feature that forces the nuts to roll back on themselves thus creating agitation and friction to remove more hull and/or mud remnants. Efficiently removing the maximum amount of hulls as early in the process as possible is the key to fast and efficient processing of both shelled and in-shell walnuts.


Walnut Hulling

In addition to using Ag-Web belts during the hulling process to provide additional cleaning, Grossi Fabrication has developed a radial huller that is superior to other radial brush hullers available. Our radial hullers, available in widths from 24 to 60 inches, eliminate the pinch point problems common to traditional hullers and out-perform them on every level. Grossi Fabrication also offers the largest rock tank in the industry, with a single tank capable of processing at a rate of 40 tons per hour. During the washing process we have developed a special feature that forces the nuts to roll back on themselves under the wash nozzles thus creating agitation and friction to remove more hull and/or mud remnants. Hulling systems also include aspirators and picking tables custom-sized to suit and one-level hulling systems for easy access and maintenance.

  • Pre-cleaning Belts
  • Destickers
  • Trash Aspirators
  • Rock Tanks
  • Hullers
  • Wash Belts
  • Picking Tables

Trash/Water Recirculation

The Trash/Water Recirculation system also plays an important role. The US Farm System slope screen system is used to clean up debris out of the huller trash water so it can be reused to recirculate back into the system for cleaning of the key areas of the hulling operation. This also is to keep debris from being discharged into ponds or holding areas that effect perk rates.

  • Slope Screens
  • Trash Pumps
  • Dewatering Conveyors
  • Discharge Pumps/Recirculation Pumps

Trash Shredding

The DS Shredder Series comes with five sizes to fit different capacity needs such as:

  • DS24
  • DS30
  • DS36
  • DS42
  • DS48

The DS Shredder will turn sticks, leaves, grass, hull, cull walnuts etc. into a nice consistent product that can be used to blend into your compost program or right back out into the orchard.


Walnut Drying

Grossi Fabrication designs complete drying systems to reduce moisture content efficiently, this allows you to optimize your shippable product weight. The drying systems is designed to bring in recirculated air at just the right stage of the process that can lead to significant fuel costs savings. Standard drying systems including:

  • Moisture data collection/pneumatic air doors on dryer bins with fan shut off
  • Pneumatic activated doors system on conveyor bin filling system
  • Full access catwalks for maintenance
  • Full auto recirculation dryer system with auto regulate fresh air doors
  • Fan and burner with controls