In-Shell Walnuts

In-shell processing includes sizing decks custom built for your facility as well as aspirators and electronic sorters that can handle 10,000 to 40,000 pounds of product per hour.

  • Sizing decks
  • Kerrian sizers
  • Blending stations
  • Aspirators
  • Hand sorting tables
  • Action Pac scale systems

Shelling Walnuts

Walnut shelling processing ranges from 6,000 to 24,000 pounds per hour which includes pre-sizing walnuts to minimize scuffing and increase half count.

  • Crackers
  • Re-crackers
  • Dual flow airlegs
  • Pre-sizers, roll sizers
  • Z Style elevators and bin dumpers
  • Hopper bottom bins
  • Color & Laser Sorters with support equipment

Electronic Sorting

Custom designed support equipment and support structures for electronic sorting equipment include:

  • Decelerator/bin fillers
  • Bin tilters/bin dumpers
  • Dust controls systems
  • S.S. contact points
  • Support structures
  • Anex¬†elevators

Hand Sorting

Grossi hand-sorting tables are made with:

  • Quick-release endless belts for minimal cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Vibratory conveyance
  • Negative air systems for meal and shell removal
  • In-feed roll sizers


We incorporate ActionPac scale systems designed to each customer’s needs for maximum packaging efficiency.

  • Action Pac scale systems
  • Love Shaw case erectors
  • Anex elevators
  • Hytrol roller conveyor